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on a mission to improve the lives 
of seniors

Eversound is a technology company advancing the senior care industry through hearing technology and engagement services for communities.


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how it all started

Childhood friends Matt Reiners and Jake Reisch have a lot in common: they were on the same Little League team, had high school lockers next to each other, and have fathers who are professors at Cornell.

In 2015, the 25 year-olds, who had already launched one audio technology company, found they shared another bond: both Reiners’ grandmother and Reisch’s aunt had hearing loss that prevented them from participating in events at their assisted living communities. The young entrepreneurs saw this as a challenge to solve.

what we value

Technology is our means, but humanity is our foundation. We follow a set of values that power our results, define our culture, and form strong relationships inside our company and out. Our culture is built on trust, honesty, and a passion for improving the lives around us.

senior leadership

Jake Reisch
Co-founder & CEO
Matt Reiners
Co-Founder & Vice President
Devin Jameson

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lives of seniors

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We strive to empower a group that hasn’t had the opportunity to use their voice; give them the tools that allow them to be a part of their community again."

Loren Shook Matt Reiners
Co-Founder & Vice President