Eversound, a communication and therapeutic management tool, unveils new uses cases for delivering extraordinary, personalized care to residents living with dementia. The use cases range from applications in group events to one-on-one interactions including: group activities, communication with caregivers, visits with family and friends; music therapy and prospective resident tours. Early evidence suggests the tool’s ability to facilitate effective communication may provide clinical outcomes for residents, particularly those suffering from dementia.1,2,3

Eversound is known for its ability to facilitate communication and provide therapeutic benefits which have been shown to increase resident engagement, participation and attendance in group activities.3 Innovative communities that were early adopters of Eversound’s core technology have reported profound results when incorporated into the daily interactions of residents living with dementia.

“We’re very excited to be adopting Eversound’s technology as a way to add a new dimension to the engagements our residents enjoy, assisting us in our mission to enrich their lives as they face the challenges of dementia,” said Kathy Greene, SVP, Program and Services Integration of Silverado Memory Care.

Studies have shown that 70 percent of residents in assisted living have dementia, with only a minority of residents residing in memory care units where admission and discharge policies are more supportive of their needs. With the number of dementia cases anticipated to number 13.9 million Americans by 2060, implementing dementia-care practices will be applicable across all senior living communities.4

Eversound is a powerful tool for multiple uses that can help delay the impact of dementia and other conditions. Benefits of using Eversound in these new use cases include: increasing engagement in group activities and on prospective resident tours, increasing therapeutic benefits for residents when communicating with caregivers and during music therapy and reducing anxiety for residents during family visits, to name a few.

Eversound positively impacts over 6,000 residents living with dementia each day and is used by over 500 communities to provide profound, therapeutic benefits to its residents.

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