Koelsch Communities Roll Out Eversound to 30+ Communities

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  • Koelsch Senior Communities

Koelsch Communities announced that Eversound Group Wireless Headphones are now available to their residents at 30 communities, including independent living, enhanced living, assisted living, and memory care.

“Eversound is so much more than a literal hearing aid or a hearing loss tool. Eversound’s product helps residents focus in environments where it could be near-impossible and enriches every activity we do here at Koelsch” said Benjamin Surmi, Director of Programs & Training at Koelsch. “In some instances, we had thought residents wouldn’t engage because of dementia. We had no idea that the reason they weren’t able to participate because of hearing loss. Eversound has helped us re-engage each resident.”

Eversound Group Wireless Headphones deliver clear audio to all residents during group activities, which has been shown to increase participation, engagement, and mood. The patented system was specifically designed for the older adult user and provides an enhanced listening experience compared to conventional hearing aids. Eversound is now used by over 450 senior living communities to create engaging senior living experiences.

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