StoryPoint and Independence Village Senior Living announced a partnership with Eversound to improve resident hearing experiences across all levels of care. Alongside solving for untreated hearing loss, Eversound has sparked improvements in engagement, participation in activities and events, and a number of other positive health outcomes.

“We had residents able to listen to an educational lecture who had never been able to participate before because of their hearing loss” said Lori, Director of Life Enrichment for Petoskey. “[Eversound has] been a game changer.”

Both StoryPoint and Independence Village Senior Living are dedicated to providing meaningful activity programming and Eversound has proven to be an effective tool to facilitate optimum engagement.

Eversound’s hearing technology provides a solution to issues faced by every senior living community, from reducing behavioral issues to decreasing risk of falls. Thanks in large part to this partnership with StoryPoint and Independence Village Senior Living, Eversound is now rolling out nationwide and is already utilized in over 400 communities across the U.S.