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How do I complete the registration process?

By |2019-04-24T20:38:51+00:00October 10, 2018|

The registration process takes just a few minutes!

Step 1: Transmitter in registration mode

Turn on the transmitter by pressing the “on/off” power button (blue flashing light will show). For JUST 3 seconds, press a pin sized object (i.e. unfolded paperclip) into the pinhole on the front of the transmitter below the “Aux Audio In” port. After pressing down, release the pin. The power button light with go solid blue for several seconds, shut off, then will turn to a fast flashing blue. The fast flash will indicate that it is in registration mode.

Step 2: Headphone registration

Pick up a headphone you’d like to register. Under the side with the volume dial, you will see a port. Push the registration plug in the port. Slowly start the turn the volume dial about one full rotation. The blue light above the volume dial will flash blue 7 times, go solid for several seconds, then shut off. This headphone is registered. Remove the plug from that headphone and repeat this process with other headphones.

Step 3: Power down & test

Once you’ve completed the process with the headphone(s), you can power off the transmitter by clicking the “”On/Off” button. When you power the transmitter back on, the headphones will be registered to the transmitter. Simply turn the headset volume dials to sync.