How do I turn on Eversound?

2018-11-26T14:09:41+00:00November 26, 2018|

Turning on Eversound takes less than 10 seconds!

  1. First, press the power button the Eversound transmitter. You will see a blinking blue light to indicate the transmitter is powered on, but not yet connected to any headphones.
  2. Next, pick up a headphone from the charging case. On the side with the volume dial, simply rotate the volume dial about a quarter of a turn. The indicator light on the headphone should show blinking blue. Repeat this process for all of the headphones.
  3. The headphones and transmitter will show blinking blue for about 3-5 seconds and then turn solid blue. The solid blue lights indicate that the headphones and transmitter are successfully connected.

Now, connect your audio source, adjust the volume, and enjoy the program!