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The Potential Impact of Treating Hearing Loss

Complete the 5 simple questions below to calculate the potential earnings in revenue for your community.*

*Provided information will not be shared or sold
  • 1. community size
  • 2. resident age
  • 3. hearing aid use
  • 4. monthly rent
  • 5. length of stay

How many residents do you have in your community?

My community has about residents

What's the average age of residents in your community?

The average age in my community is years old

What percentage of residents use hearing aids?

About % of residents in my community use hearing aids

*A notable study in JAMA found only 22% of adults over 80 years old use hearing aids

What's the average monthly rent in your community?

On average, we charge $ per month to live in my community

What's the average length of stay in your community?

On average, residents stay months in my community

*Studies by AARP and National Institutes of Health indicate ranges of 18 months to 36 months for long term care communities.