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Vindobona Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center

Creating meaningful experiences for staff, residents, and state-surveyors

Success Story
The nursing home uses Eversound to enhance resident engagement, promote independence,
and alleviate behavioral challenges, helping to uphold its 5-star quality rating.

Their Story

Supporting a
positive outlook on life

Vindobona Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a small nursing home located in Frederick, Maryland that currently serves 55 residents and has 65 beds approved for Medicaid & Medicare.

Since 1954, Vindobona has provided personalized and professional care through a model that supports a positive outlook on life and embraces the concept of socialization.

Their Goal

Providing unique and engaging experiences

Vindobona wanted to uphold its 5-star quality rating by providing its residents with a variety of innovative programs in a home-like setting to increase resident engagement, promote independence, and alleviate challenging behaviors.

Meeting these goals meant using new technology in a building with historically poor cellular reception and connectivity.

Their Solution

Implementing reliable technology

Vindobona piloted Eversound’s social engagement and hearing-assistive technology to complement their current programs.

Vindobona began to use the system regularly for monthly resident council meetings, church services, music therapy, and exercise classes. They were also able to enhance programs that utilized other technologies such as Music & Memory and iN2L, and began using it with outside entertainers and instructors who performed or taught at the facility, such as musicians and a chair yoga teacher.

Their success

Positive impacts on both residents and staff

With Eversound, Vindobona residents have demonstrated improvements in mood and higher quality relationships with each other and with staff. Eversound has also increased activity attendance, participation, and duration of resident engagement.

In one of the first instances where Eversound was used, a group of residents was watching Beauty and the Beast with Eversound headphones as a staff change occurred. The staff found that Eversound could be used to facilitate transitional activities.

During Vindobona’s most recent state-survey, several residents who were unable to hear surveyors used the Eversound system to successfully communicate regardless of their impairment level.

Jessica Powers
Activities Director,

“[Eversound has] made a huge impact on participation and engagement … Using Eversound has led to smoother shift changes for staff as residents experience less need and demonstrate fewer behavioral challenges.”

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  • Increase participation and engagement in resident activities
  • Improve communication for residents with staff and family members
  • Increase resident attendance in assisted living programming events

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