multiple uses. infinite possibilities.

Eversound enables communities to deliver extraordinary personalized care with one powerful tool for a wide range of uses.

physical/social distancing

Bring residents together during physical distancing in your community by keeping residents engaged. Eversound headphones feature unique capabilities that make physical distancing in your community’s programs possible. See how communities are using Eversound during this time here.

  • Reaches residents up to 300 feet away
  • Connects to up to 120 headphones and allows simultaneous broadcasting of voice and audio
  • Easy to clean and created with antimicrobial materials

"Hallway" Bingo with Eversound at Front Porch Senior Living

visits with 
family and friends

Let residents safely visit with family and friends and overcome the feelings of isolation while your community limits in-facility visits. Eversound's Connection Package enables easy communications between your resident(s) and his/her visitors either at a safe distance or through a see-through barrier.

  • Promotes connection and socialization
  • Two-way communication between resident and visitors from safe distances
  • Created with antimicrobial materials for easy cleaning

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group activities

Amplify engagement and empower all residents to participate by using Eversound in daily group programs at your community.
  • Fosters socialization by making group activities inclusive
  • Improves residents’ experiences in daily activitiesand special events
  • Encourages residents to pursue interests and discovernew passions

with caregivers

A valuable asset for individualized care planning and delivery, Eversound empowers residents to be active participants in their care by fostering a healthy social environment between staff, family members, residentsand caregivers.

  • Improves care effectiveness and efficiency
  • Promotes ease of care delivery and reduces resistance
  • Increases therapeutic benefits for residents

music therapy

Using Eversound for music therapy in group or individualsettings offers uplifting experiences with proventherapeutic benefits.*

  • Increases socialization and connection when used in group settings
  • Reduces stress and may improve cognitiveand speech skills
  • Offers a therapeutic option for memory care residents during sundowning
  • Works seamlessly from any source, including YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes
*Music therapy must be performed by a board-certified music therapist

resident tours

With Eversound, tours are more fulfilling and productive because prospective residents can fully participate.

  • Enables prospective residents to connect and engage
  • Promotes confidence and assurity in families and caregivers
  • Helps families navigate the transition with their loved one

Eversound for senior living communities