multiple uses. infinite possibilities.

Eversound enables communities to deliver extraordinary personalized care with one powerful tool for a wide range of uses.

group activities

Amplify engagement and empower all residents to participate by using Eversound in daily group programs at your community.
  • Fosters socialization by making group activities inclusive
  • Improves residents’ experiences in daily activities and special events
  • Encourages residents to pursue interests and discover new passions

visits with
family and friends

Remove communication barriers so residents can enjoy meaningful one-on-one interactions with their loved one. Eversound’s Connection Package reduces anxiety and frustration during conversations, even in loud or distracting environments. Also, great to use when physical distancing is required.

  • Promotes connections and socialization
  • Easy to use, no wifi or cellular connection to use
  • Created with antimicrobial materials for easy cleaning

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